Information technology is the strongest means
to propagate the Tibetan cause to the outside world.

— Tibetan student

Effects come from actions, not mere talk
His Holiness Dalai Lama

  མདུན་ངོས།   ལག་ཆ།   ཕབ་ལེན།   ཟབ་སྦྱོང་།  

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technotech » James Cyberwallah Walker

What i can do:

  • I am a web programmer: a coder.
  • I have been doing web development (not design) and programming (coding) for 20 years altogether — and for the past 12 years on websites for Tibet. [ here's why ]
  • People tell me i am good at explaining coding and website admin. So i do that.
  • And that is all i do. Hey — how about some easy-to-understand charts! Here ya go:
james is great do it well complete idiot
and can show you how will ask you for help!
build solid, useful websites that last code, linux cli, web and db server, networking for web hardware; design, graphics; latest cool web trends; manage or organise people; social gatherings (run away!); "class teacher"; help for sponsorship, money, visa.
i build/admin you build with me i advise you only
there is only one: me you are the only admin, follow my direction admin roles are up to you
someone is directly and continually with me as it is built and after regularly consulting with me consulting as needed
i will be fully responsible for site; am on call any time i am not responsible for site; on call with priority on call as can

more about what i can do for you

I can help you learn:
  • how to make your website.
  • how to manage your website.
  • how to keep it working and growing.
To do this i can:
  • Be a guide ... more ...
    • Show you the technical skills to build a website: From html, stylesheets, how to register a domain name, up to web programming and server administration.
    • Give you ideas for how to build your website in ways that make it easier to manage, change, and grow.
    • Show you how to install and use a content management system (CMS): My specialty these days is WordPress.
  • Be a resource ... more ...
    • Provide a website, CDs, and books with information and reference material to learn with.
    • Show you how to "get your website up": how to get your domain name registered, build a basic site that you can grow from, and get it hosted (online. live).
    • Be a "tech-speak" translator for you when commnunicating with others about the technical aspects of your web hosting, site development, etc.
    • Show you how to find other services you might want for your website (page translation, mail lists, forum, etc.)
    • Be an ongoing resource if you get stuck.
  • For this purpose ... more ...
    • Support Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan cause, with such skills as i have. And the only useful skills i have are in Web Technology! Therefore:
    • Help people communicate with the world through this new and wonderful thing, the World Wide Web, by helping them learn how to make websites.
    • Help people understand the principles of how it all works.
      If you understand the principles, then you have the power.
    • In the end, make myself unneeded, because people here know all the things i know. (This is now happening — Yay! Thailand beaches, here i come!)

That's it! Here's the gory details:

what james can't do

  • I can't make your website for you: ...
    • The website is yours, not mine. You know what you want to say on it, you know your audience, in a way that i never can.
    • Show, not do: The more i *show you how*, rather than *do for you*, the more the website is yours and not mine. This is good!
    • A website is never finished: A website is not like a book. It is more like a machine, like a car. It needs updates and repairs forever ... so there's no point to build it if you can't take care of it!

    "But ... but ..." you say, "We know you have built websites for Tibetans!" Well yes, this is true: I can only teach if i know how to do myself, and i can only learn the new technologies by doing them — so i have to make something. Here's how i choose

  • I can't teach programs such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop, Windows admin, etc: ... These are all very useful, but one person can't know everything! What i can teach, is code, and the technology and principles behind those things, so that you can use them better.
  • I can't do anything on your website without your direction: ... I won't move forward on anything unless you are involved, and direct me and/or anyone working with me.
    I can advise based on my experience. But the final decision is yours.
  • I can't keep track of your records: passwords, your web hosting information, etc: ... They are yours — even if i helped to build the website or set up some account for you.
  • I can't help with any ecommerce or money-making: ... I can't help with sections of a website that are doing those things. Even if it is something like, say, selling newsletter subscriptions etc. to help support your organisation.
  • I can't serve one organisation only: whether in building site, teaching a workshop, as a member or a staff: ... My services must be open for anyone interested. My students must be able to come to teach and help out with the project.

I feel that i am most useful doing things this way.

what james is not

  • Not a "web designer" ... James is a "web developer" and a coder. Not a page or graphics designer. Don't know how to design your page layout, colors, graphics etc. I do know how to turn your page layout design into a website. (so if you know what you want and have the graphics, i can show you how to turn it into a website.)
  • Not a classroom-style teacher ... We do only practical - one-on-one, learn by doing.
  • Not a manager, not a project leader, not a decision-maker, not a businessman. ... and i'm not going to write a book about my life either. Too busy living it!

There are plenty of people around who can do these things. It is very possible that one of them is the best person for you!


  • Know your tools: tools? How to type, use your operating system, your good text editor.
    How to read.
    The basics of making web pages.
  • Know modern HTML3 and CSS3, enough to make some web pages. sure, i know that! The html and css that you learned in school is old old old. If you don't know modern html and css, you can learn it here, here, and here.
  • To start with James, bring at least several web pages you have made. what??? Even better, a whole website.
    The output of web programming is web pages. The web browser only understands HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So if you are struggling with those, at the same time that you are trying to learn web programming, web server, etc., you're gonna have a hard time!

and it's all free! ... is it?

Nope. Not free! Very high price:

  • Minimum 4 hours of coding for every hour of "james time" what?! Write code every day. Learn the things i have to teach you — by doing them. The more you type, the more you will learn how to do things!
  • If i help to build and/or admin a website, eventually you, or someone else local, takes over all the jobs of the website yourselves.
  • Pass your knowledge on to others: ... Everything i give must be available to everyone. You must make your best effort to pass on the materials i give you, and anything you have learned, to others. Otherwise, it is no use. It dies with you, and i have wasted my time.

do you give a certificate?

nope. your work and your life is your certificate!

ohhhh ok ... maybe.