Information technology is the strongest means
to propagate the Tibetan cause to the outside world.

— Tibetan student

Effects come from actions, not mere talk
His Holiness Dalai Lama

  མདུན་ངོས།   ལག་ཆ།   ཕབ་ལེན།   ཟབ་སྦྱོང་།  

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walker » Agreement with James Walker for teaching or advising

I do not accept money for my services. However, i do have some requirements so that i can do my best for you. So you need to agree to the following:

Using my services:

  • Your computer:
    • You have Tibetan working on your laptop and know how to type it.
    • You know how to use your computer, your operating system and programs. (You don't expect me to teach you those things.)
  • Share:
    • You will share what you learn with others.
    • You will help later students catch up.
    • You will help translate if needed.
    • If you borrow any book from me, you will return it so that other people can use it too.
    • Other students are allowed to attend any session i have with you, unless you have very good cause you can explain to me otherwise. (Internals of organisation, etc.)
  • Open source:
    • If i do write any code for you, all of it is open source and can be given to anyone else (except of course anything that is personal to you or your organisation.)

In addition:

Protecting yourself and Tibetans in Tibet:

I am not a security expert. But i understand enough about it to know that the things below MUST be done to protect not only ourselves, but people inside Tibet.

The internet has become more and more dangerous — There are now Tibetans in prison as a direct result of people in organisations in Dharamshala who did NOT do the things below (which were suggested to them by expert security advisors.)

It's not my job to tell Tibetans what to do. I try to educate people and make suggestions, and let people decide for themselves.

But in the face of the real dangers that now exist, i have decided that at least i can prevent myself from being part of the problem.

Therefore, to have me as a teacher or advisor you must do these things:

  • Facebook:
    • Use Facebook *only* in a separate browser program
      • - Example: if you usually use Firefox for the web, use Google Chrome or Safari or some other browser *only* for Facebook. And then never use that second browser for anything else.)
      • - If you want to open a link in Facebook that goes to a different website, DO NOT click on it: Copy it, and paste it into your normal browser.
      • - If you want to open a link in Facebook that goes to another Facebook page, go ahead and click, and open it *only* in your "Facebook-only" browser.
    • Another way to do it:
    • More help with cookies:
      Remove Cookies for Site - just click before you close a window, to remove cookies for that site only:
      Better Privacy - remove flash cookies:
    • More about preventing Facebook from controlling you:
      Facebook Privacy Toolbox at Social Source Commons:
      Facebook isn't the only one! You are sending your browsing history with your name and other personal information to third parties whenever you're online. Over 600 of them.
      Facebook privacy list for Adblock Plus:
    • How to permanently delete a Facebook account: Facebook doesn’t make it quick or easy. The default choice is to “deactivate” your account, which allows you to change your mind and reactivate, and thus spare the company the loss of a member. Deactivated accounts can’t be seen by others, but all their data remain on Facebook’s servers. You can totally and permanently delete an account, but this isn’t a simple process. You have to submit a request, at when logged in to Facebook ; or go to the Facebook help center and search for “delete account.” Then you have to wait, while Facebook hopes you change your mind. More information on both options is at:
    • Why should you care?
      Facebook and many other web entities are taking away from your, the ability to control your own information.
      Privacy complaints around the world about Facebook: German 'urged citizens "keep their fingers from clicking on social plug-ins" and "not set up a Facebook account."'
      ACLU to investigate Facebook for violating user privacy:
      US Lawyer Sues Facebook, Says Tracking Cookie Violates Wiretap Laws, Seeks Class Action Status
      Kansas Man Sues Facebook Over Privacy Breach (same guy)
      If you don't care about *your* information, think about your friends, your colleagues, the people in Tibet. Some of "your" information is information about them.
  • Email:
    • You use *only* Gmail, with 2-step authentication.
      (or use Hushmail)
    • You will never send passwords in email, or save passwords or other critical information in your email account. [why?]
    • You will never click on a link in email. [why?]
      copy the link (or right-click on link and "save link as")
      and paste the link into new tab or window.
    • You will never open any attachment in email. [why?]
      You will first make sure that you know who sent the attachment, and verify with that person that they sent it to you. Then you will download it to your computer, scan it with your anti-virus program, and then open it.
      Most Word and PDF documents to NOT need to be in Word or Acrobat (which are carriers of viruses) they are usually readable just fine as text files.
      Text does not carry viruses! it's just text :)
  • Using the web:
    • You will never use Internet Explorer. [why?]
    • If a website gives an option for encrypted version (https) - you will use it. [why?]
      (In Firefox, use the plugin HTTPS-Everywhere - it will automatically redirect you. This one is not available at the Mozilla site - why?!
  • Building your website:
    • You will only use SFTP or SCP for uploading files. [why?] (such as: Filezilla SFTP option, or WinSCP.)
    • You will never use plain FTP. [why?]
  • You will upate your computer, software, and web programs (such as WordPress):
    • You will keep them *all* updated whenever notified. [why?]
    • You will never click "later" or "cancel" to make an update notice go away. [why?]
  • Anti-virus:
    • If you are using Windows, you will have a current anti-virus program, which is updated constantly.
    • You will always scan any thumb drive or other media before opening it. Even if it has been already scanned on another computer.

I agree to always do these things, if i am to have James Walker as teacher or advisor. I understand that any time i do not do these things, James will stop teaching/advising until the problem is fixed. [why?]

 x________________________________________________________________  Date:________________
Your Name

I, James Walker, agree to share with you everything i know about web development, to the very best of my ability. At any time that any of the above conditions are not followed, i will stop teaching/advising until the problem is fixed. [why?]

 x________________________________________________________________  Date:________________
James Walker